We provide Design & Construction Management, Execution & Supervision of Construction Projects from the Earth moving phase to the Finishing phase.

Our Expertise covers the following:
 - Consulting
 - Engineering
 - Design Management
 - Construction Management
 - Safety Control
 - Contract administration
 - Quality Control
 - Construction Supervision

We provide outsourcing services for local, multinational & international companies at an affordable cost and within fast turnaround time. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements with our professionals.  
Our Engineering services include but are not limited to:
 - Construction Permitting Services
 - 2D Drafting
 - Rebar Detailing & Barbending
 - 3D Modeling
 - Construction Drawing Services
 - Construction Cost Estimation Services
 - Project Management, Planning and Scheduling
 - Construction Repair trainings


We provide Engineering Services within a fast turnaround time. Get in touch with Us today for a FREE QUOTE


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