Are you considering installing solar panels?

Well, solar systems are becoming more valuable with the high increase of electricity bills and the power shortages some countries are facing like Lebanon.

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For most people in Lebanon, Getting a solar panel is a financial decision. Knowing that the benefits of solar are many including reduced electricity costs, avoided carbon emission, and increased home value, it’s also important to talk about the cost of installing it as well as the factors that can affect the price you pay.

So How much does solar cost?

The short answer? It may cost you in Lebanon an average gross price of $10,000 but it depends on several factors:

the quality of the solar equipment you use, where you live, and even where you find that installer.

The cost of solar panels and solar inverters may vary depending on the quality of the equipment. Some have more efficiency, meaning more production per square meter of roof space.

Higher quality panels provide more efficiency when you have space restrictions on building rooftops.

They are priced 20% more than lower efficiency panels and they come in general with longer warranties which mean peace of mind for more than 20 years and better performance regardless of temperature limitations.

It’s important to compare prices by requesting multiple quotes the same way you compare when you purchase a car, a new HVAC system, or any home appliance. Price can differ from country to country depending on the amount of competition they face, the availability of labor, the cost to obtain a permit and equipment availability, and shipping costs.

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Below, we’ll present a summary of solar panel systems, as well as the equipment that you’ll need to produce power using the sun.

What are the basics of a solar panel system?

Solar panels are usually made of solar cells (made from the element silicon), wiring, a metal frame, and a glass cover

Solar panel systems work very simply: 

·         During the day, solar cells in your solar panels absorb the energy from sunlight; 

·         Circuits within the cells collect that energy and turn it into direct current (DC) energy; 

·         The DC electricity is passed through a device called an inverter to convert it to the usable alternating current (AC) electricity that comes out of your wall outlets; 

Can I store energy using a solar battery?

The primary function of solar energy storage is to store energy produced by solar panels for a later time as a backup source of power in the event of a grid outage.

The main advantage of installing a solar-plus-storage energy system is that it gives you the ability to use your solar electricity even when the sun isn’t shining. 

The four components of a solar panel system are:

1.    Solar photovoltaic panels

2.    Inverters–to convert DC electricity into AC electricity

3.    Racking and mounting systems–pieces of hardware that affix your solar panels to your roof.

4.    Performance monitoring systems–to track and monitor the output and health of your solar panels and inverters

What is the difference between String inverters and Microinverters?

A single inverter is the least expensive inverter option and is a very durable technology. Multiple strings of panels can be connected to each inverter; however, if the electricity production from one of the panels in a string drops (due to shading), it will reduce the performance of the whole string.

In the microinverters option, one is (usually) installed at each solar panel, which allows each panel to maximize production. If some of your panels are shaded at different times, microinverters will minimize performance issues. The cost of microinverters tends to be higher than the cost of string inverters.

How can we optimize the performance of our solar panel system?

To perform at their best, solar panels should face south and be installed at an angle between 30 and 45 degrees (depending on how far you are from the equator).

Panels facing east or west and at a pitch angle of five degrees or more will produce 20 percent less electricity than those installed under ideal conditions. You can use racking to incline your panels at an angle that is best for capturing the sun’s rays.

Whether your motivation to go solar is economic, environmental, or both, the Benefits are Endless! It’s time to take a serious look at solar.

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Do you start your day with a plan to achieve a lot and soon find yourself distracted and managing tasks uncontrollable and outside your scope?

Have you tried all kinds of productivity techniques to your working style including setting to-do lists, multitasking, time management , and got no results?

Are you looking to increase the work efficiency in your firm? 

While Mobile devices were considered a distraction for most employees, the digital mobile world has brought many advantages like quick and daily access to information, and many applications were developed to boost productivity.

Upscale your productivity and increase your efficiency level with these 10 best mobile apps:

1.     OfficeSuite

2.     PDF Extra

3.     Evernote

4.     Notability

5.     SlideShark

6.     Slack

7.     Krisp

8.     Flexibits

9.     Asana

10. Xtensio

OfficeSuite is a complete solution that combines 5 + 1 premium products: documents, sheets, Slides, PDF, drive, and mail with the calendar. You can work with any document and format, anywhere. Supported on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7, Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

OfficeSuite pricing starts at $29.99 as a flat rate, per year. There is a free version and it works very well also. You can transfer from pc to tablet and phone very easily.

Reasons for Switching to OfficeSuite:

OfficeSuite has more features on Android than Office Mobile, you can switch between windows and mobile very easily.

It has full compatibility with all popular formats including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Txt), Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides & Adobe PDF.

PDF has scan, signature, file conversion, and file browser.

Additional features: 

·        Spell check: all errors are automatically underlined in red color to help you make corrections.

·        Dictionary: There is an embedded dictionary for an instant definition of your new words.

·        Conditional formatting (on excel). OfficeSuite has almost everything you need from a computer version when it comes to conditional formatting. Other android excel apps don't give you much or they don't have the feature at all.

·        There is a freehand feature where you can scribble naturally with a stylus or finger.

·        Very handy: You can also add your hand signature to your files. The signature will be automatically applied on any document you choose to sign for, you won't have to literally sign on every file, or print a document, just to apply a signature on it.

·         There is a Text to speech feature to read you aloud.

PDF Extra

A free downloadable version for PDF Extra is available and the personal yearly plan is priced at $49.99 -  $4.16 per month.

Reasons for Switching to PDF Extra :

PDF Extra has more features on Mobile than Other pdf apps. You can easily:

·        fill in forms digitally. 

·        Signify vital document status & details by inserting checkmarks or stamps to your pdf

·       Add, resize, arrange or rotate any local image. You can even insert pictures from the web.

·       Have access to 50 GB MobiDrive storage at your disposal as a Premium feature offered in the subscription plans.

·        Control the flow of ideas and teamwork by using our powerful annotation features.

·        PDF to word & excel conversion available

·        Enjoy ebooks articles and catalogs with a simple conversion from PDF to ePub

·        Secure important work and personal PDFs with passwords, encryption, and digital signatures.

     PDFExtra is ideal for Employers, Teachers, Technicians, Inspectors, Contractors, Researchers, Writers, Editors, Engineers, Bloggers & Business Owners.


Evernote & Notability

Two of the best note-taking and organizational applications. While they have a different user interface, they can be both used to brainstorm and document projects from beginning to end.

Both apps allow using of Sketches, quick photoshoots, and pdf files that can be integrated with google drive or dropbox.

Evernote allows group chats and project communication.


SlideShark is an application that allows showing your PowerPoint presentation from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It can be integrated into your dropbox account which makes creating and sharing presentations easy.

You can broadcast over the Web in real-time and share your slides online via email or social media.

Sign up for a free SlideShark account on their website or register on the login page when you launch the App. A single SlideShark account can be used for all your iOS devices.


Slack is a business professional platform made for communication between working teams. It includes chat rooms organized by groups and by topics and can provide direct messaging and video calls

The free plan is sufficient if you own a small business. It includes access to 10,000 of your team’s most recent messages and integrations with other apps like Google Drive, Office 365, and many more...
It also allows one-to-one voice and video calls between teammates. Premium and business versions are priced starting at $6.67 /mo**Per active user. 


Krisp is a noise cancellation app for remote workers. You can remove the hassle of dealing with background noise from kids playing, watching tv, or dogs barking through Krisp.

By using Krisp noise-canceling app together with Zoom or any video conference, you can enjoy more productive and efficient conference calls.

It also works well for call centers and can suppress the noise also for the one calling from a noisy location so it can work on both incoming and outgoing audio.


Flexibits offers best-selling productivity apps Fantastical and Cardhop for Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad that are enjoyable and flexible. The Flexibits Premium subscription combines the value of these two award-winning apps.

  • Fantastical: a beautiful, clean, and easy to use calendar app that allows users to manage events, share calendars, and stay organized
  • Cardhop: an incredibly intuitive contacts app that lets you search, add, edit, and interact with your contacts

Both are available with a 14-day free trial and subsequent subscription to Flexibits Premium. A single subscription unlocks all features in both Fantastical and Cardhop across your devices. Your calendars, tasks, and contacts will be more powerful, more productive, and more fun.Sign Up for Flexibits Premium with Fantastical today


Asana is a web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. It has a free plan very functional for small businesses and project management. It can support unlimited teams, projects, messaging, activity logs, file storage, multiple project views, and more. If you have less than 15 users and manage basic projects, you can stay on the free plan forever.


Xtensio is a platform developed for teams to create, share, and manage all of their business documents. You can manage your business by creating sales sheets, reports, case studies, agendas, and more, with no design experience. Xtensio is ideal for consultants, Agencies, startups, sales teams, educators, and students.

A free plan is available on their website with free demos to help you get started.


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