Are you faced with a small space that needs to be made liveable?!
You will need to think about your priorities and follow these simple steps to make your living area more spacious. At the top of the list, of course, don't forget the basics - areas in which to sleep, bathe, cook and sit but it's not about that only, it's about relaxation and with that comes a wide range of stuff - books, CDs, DVDs, Sports gear, computer equipment and so on... And for this, you will need a lot of storage, a high priority in any small space.

follow these 9 steps to make your space feel bigger:

Choose space-saving, mobile or dual-purpose furniture wherever possible.

Put your TV on a wall bracket, or have a plasma screen that lies flat on the wall, and keep the tabletop free for something else.

Rethink your lighting (Nothing is worse than using a solitary ceiling light to provide your ambient lighting: it leaves the corners of the room bathed in gloom).  A better solution is to install lots of recessed downlights in the ceiling, they will make a low-ceilinged room look larger.

Devote more space to mirrors or other reflective surfaces.

Choose light-enhancing colors to decorate the space. A room with plenty of warm, natural lighting can take a cool color such as blue, while a room that faces away from the sun would feel chilly with blue walls. Artificial lighting has an effect on color, too, and you'll need to take that into account while planning your lighting, as well as thinking about a color scheme.

Use low-level furniture to keep sightlines free so that you don't feel closed in.

Consider using sofas and chairs with legs rather than those that come down to the floor. Being able to see the floor beneath them will give the illusion of more space.

Avoid furniture with fussy detail and trims.

Underlighting bulky pieces of furniture, such as beds and built-in storage, will prevent it from looking so heavy.
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