Would you like to get concise easy to follow courses that will coach you as you develop your cost control and learn at your own pace?

How about offering a series of free cost management courses delivered to your inbox weekly from Autodesk?

Learn how to get ahead of the competition in construction projects today through the Effective Construction Cost Management Ecourse.

Each course is presented by an industry expert coach focusing on helping to understand what we need in order achieve cost management success at any level. You’ll discover a multi-dimensional approach to cost management in 4 lessons covering:

[Lesson 1] Effective Construction Cost Control: The Ball is in Your Court with Esteban Corrales

[Lesson 2] Standardization: The Cornerstone of Construction Cost Control with Jake Williams

[Lesson 3] Optimization: The Construction Cost Management Superpower with Josh Cheney

[Lesson 4] Your Mission: Transformation through Business Intelligence with Chris Fish

After receiving the courses, you’ll get the Effective Construction Cost Management Playbook -- all the lessons in one, easy-to-use PDF

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