Have you ever felt that you will fulfill your career as an Engineer if you are present on the project construction site, where the action is taking place, and the project is ongoing, and you are part of it? Then this post is for you.

Problems occur on the project site daily and the lack of connection causes mistakes that can delay the schedule and drive additional project costs.

One of the most important aspects of construction management, whether it is for water tanks, bridges, or office buildings, is the scheduling of work crews.

Scheduling requires a detailed view of all the materials, machinery, and workers you should use at every stage since this will allow you to know when to perform each task.

Estimating is a must-do activity for any construction manager.

The most common problem on any project site is communication. Collaboration among the team members is key to the success of any project. If the team members are not in touch with each other, they will not be able to communicate effectively, which might lead to mistakes.

Another common problem is the lack of connection between the team members and stakeholders. This is a prevalent scenario on construction projects where the contractor hires the team members, and stakeholders are the owners or designers.

A construction manager is responsible for overseeing the work on a construction site. He eventually helps reduce the risks of disputes on-site, inconsistent reporting, and coordination hurdles. He should also ensure that the work on site proceeds according to the plan and appropriate standards.

Construction management enables teams to do things quickly and accurately to facilitate the workflow and improve the quality of work.

You might be wondering how the site problems can be solved or reduced. Well, It is critical to implement construction management practices with correct project management software use that streamlines various tasks and minimizes human errors.

Construction management is the process of managing project activities that are directly involved with the construction of a project. It is an integrated management approach directed toward the successful implementation of a construction project within the established cost, time, and quality targets.

Construction management is typically associated with large projects where it is difficult for a single company to provide all the required expertise.

The Construction Management process consists of 5 stages – initial planning, strategy and design, procurement, contract management, and closeout.

The initial planning stage

 It is the very first stage of construction management where the project owner and key stakeholders identify the project and decide the type of procurement to be used.

The strategy and design stage

 It is the stage where the owner and designer decide on the project's design. This stage is closely linked to the procurement phase where the designer and owner must decide on the contractors.

The procurement stage

This is the stage where the owner decides on the contractors and the contractors decide on the subcontractors. This stage is closely linked to the strategy and design stage.

The contract management stage

In this stage, the owner and contractors are responsible for managing the contractual terms and conditions.

The closeout stage

In this stage, the owner and contractors have to wrap up the project...

Indeed, construction management is not always glamorous, but it is a critical part of the project management process. By implementing the construction management plan, the entire project team can be more effective, and the project can be completed on time, on budget, and with quality.

Knowing the construction process sequence will allow you to allocate the right resources so that everything is ready on time.
Knowing how the materials need to be cut, clipped, or stained would allow a construction manager to make sure that each piece of lumber, concrete or decorative brick has been cut in line with specifications and building plans.

There are many aspects of construction management that you need to be aware of, and many tasks that you’ll have to do as a project manager. At ZPMEngineers, we provide you with an overview of all these crucial areas as well as a list of resources and project management courses, software, and practices to ensure the successful implementation of your project.


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