Have you ever considered the advantages of sharing accessible information between your team members? Do you struggle to find free Wiki tools that can help you manage your company information?

In today’s post, we will take you through the 7 best wiki tools that we have tried and they all have a free version.


Guru’s free starter pack can have up to three users. It’s a manageable wiki that allows sharing knowledge and to-dos through the use of cards. It can integrate with MS teams, slack, and many other applications, making sharing information easier for these apps.


Notion is a very popular app that allows effective collaboration between teams. The personal version is available for free. It’s very easy to use and the user can benefit from the large collection of community-made templates. It allows any user to design a roadmap, document libraries, meeting notes, a home space, dashboards, and websites all using drag and drop. The app also allows for creating to-do lists and managing enterprise knowledge which helps the company team to stay updated with a clear and valuable context.


Slab has a secured and integrated design that allows organizing content by topic. You can embed any file or document from other tools and apps quickly for example Asana, Slack, Dropbox, GitHub, and Google Docs. The free package contains limited features but they have a startup plan that can cost up to 6.7$ per month.


Confluence is a perfect tool for teams working in multiple countries. It has a special feature that allows real-time editing which makes it possible for employees to work on the same page simultaneously.

It has templates that help to start a project from scratch and documents can be stored or exported into various formats (pdfs, docs, images, etc.) making it a good option for a small-sized company since its free version can offer features for up to 10 users.



Curiosity app for work is a productivity app that allows saving time by connecting with all the tools that you already use to give you a unique place to search all your documents and applications. It connects with tools and apps like google drive or Slack and the shortcut-powered command bar can help you access things quickly.

 It has advanced filter features that allow deeper searches. Curiosity is free on windows and mac and you can benefit from the safe use of your data on your pc with the possibility to get a free two-week trial of the Curiosity Pro version.


Nuclino offers a free version for up to 50 users, which makes it the choice of many startups, and the shift to its standard plan will cost $5 per month.

It has an easy interface and offers fast search, easy navigation, and real-time collaboration between teams which allows a better workflow and clear navigation through the company information.


Slite has a clean interface that allows remote teams to work efficiently. It allows for creating sharable notes and spaces and allows embedding content (videos, spreadsheets...)

It has a collection of free templates which makes it the choice of many growing companies.

If you want your company and teams to save time and improve their productivity by giving them one place to search, work, and share information. Head over our links provided and do not hesitate to download and start working with the best Wiki tools based on user comments, reviews of our own company users, and ratings from other sites.


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